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TupeloCon 2018 Craftsmanship Cosplay Contest
Registration & Rules 


* Novice: New to cosplay making, has won 0 to 2 awards; 75% of cosplay is handmade.
* Journeyman: Has made a few cosplays, has won 3 to 7 awards; 75% of cosplay is handmade.
* Master: Experienced cosplay maker, has won 8+ awards; 75% of cosplay is handmade.
* Group/Duo: 2+ people; 75% of the cosplay is made by the group; all skill levels.
* Walk-On/Exhibition: Anyone in full cosplay who would like to walk across stage and pose without being judged & scored by the cosplay judges.  Not eligible for any TupeloCon 2019 cosplay awards. Note: Any member of the Socially Awkward TIMELORDS may participate as a walk-on and get judged for feedback only. They will not be ranked and are not eligible for a TupeloCon 2019 cosplay award.  

How to Register: (Please read all rules before registering.)

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Awards Won/ Contests Participated In


* Pre-registration is available online from April 1, 2019 through Friday, April 26, 2019. 
* Those registering online must buy a pass for Tupelo Con before registering for the cosplay contest.

* Those who register online, must sign-in at the Tupelo Con cosplay contest registration table Saturday, May 4th between 10am and noon.  Failure to do so will result in someone else getting your slot. Note: The cosplay registration table is located in the cosplay area.
* A limit of 30 cosplay contestant slots will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Early pre-registration will ensure a slot.
* On-site registration will be available in the cosplay area 10am-noon on Saturday, May 4, 2019. 
* Group/Duo: Contestants registering as a Group/Duo only fill out 1 registration form.
* Prejudging Time: Each contestant will receive a prejudging time upon check-in/registration the morning of the cosplay contest.

Contest Rules:

*Contest Rules:

  • To compete in the craftsmanship cosplay contest, cosplays must be at least 75% handmade.  No closet cosplays, store-bought, online-purchased, or rented costumes.

  • Cosplays that have previously won a major cosplay award are not eligible for competition.

  • All registered contestants must be present for prejudging at their assigned time.  Contestants will be assigned a prejudging time when they check-in/register 10am-noon Saturday, May 4, 2019.

  • All costumes and props must follow Tupelo Con’s official rules and weapons policy.

  • No nudity - TupeloCon 2019 is a family friendly event; keep the cosplays PG.

  • Harassment will not be tolerated.  All inappropriate behavior will result in being eliminated from the cosplay contest and possibly removed from the con.

  • All contestants, must bring an official (not fan art) reference picture of the character they are portraying so the judges can better judge the accuracy of their costume.  Original characters are welcomed; they also require a reference picture (drawings of OCs will be accepted).

  • Contestants are encouraged to bring progress photos of the making of their cosplay to show the judges during prejudging.

  • Contestants may be assisted by a handler during the prejudging and contest.

  • If you are modeling a cosplay for someone else, the maker must be present for prejudging and be the one to claim an award, if they are a winner.

  • Everything displayed for the contest must be present on the contestant’s person during pre-judging.

  • No special effects (i.e. glitter, liquid, flames, etc.) that could be hazardous are allowed on or off of the stage.

  • Contestants must be lined up in the main stage area 30 minutes before the contest presentation starts. The main stage is located near the Con entrance.

  • No scripts or dances on stage - Each contestant is allowed 3 poses on stage and can say character’s catch phrases; however, no profanity may be used.

  • Judges retain the right to bump a contestant into a more advanced category than what they signed up for; however, they cannot bump a contestant down.

Cosplay Weapons Policy:

Prop weapons must be checked at the weapons table in the lobby before entry into TupeloCon.  There, it will either be cleared as safe or peace bonded. Cosplay contestants may have the peace bond removed once everyone is lined up to walk across the stage for the cosplay contest.  Contestants may draw their prop weapon and use it to strike a pose, however, for safety purposes, they may not swing or simulate weapon use on stage. Previously peace bonded weapons will be rebonded as they leave the stage.

Cosplay Contest Awards:

Best In Show

Best Master

Best Novice

Best Journeyman

Best Group/Duo

Judge’s Choice (x3)