Special Events

cosplay contest banner5.jpg

Since last year's convention we have worked very closely with the Socially Awkward Timelords cosplay club, and this year we are glad to have three of their members as our Cosplay Contest judges. 


Tupelo Con and Championship Wrestling are teaming up to bring you adrenaline filled and non-stop action. That's right, wrestling fans, there will be wrestling matches at Tupelo Con! And we have it on good authority that a certain The Walking Dead Savior might make an in ring appearance! 

kids con banner.png

Kids 8 Years and Under get into the convention free!  See what all there is to do for your favorite little super heros!

With a huge selection of games dating back to the pre-Nintendo days, we will have games that appeal to everyone! And current game fans, don't worry, we will still have current systems and games! Our goal this year is to get controllers into your hands!

On top of free play, we will also have sign up and go tournaments available for those with some more competitive spirit!


Adeptus Tupelo will once again be hosting a Warhammer 40K Tournament at the convention this year!  


Tupelo Con will be hosting an X-Wing tournament! Whether you like Rebels, Empire or Scum, you will have the chance to fly your favorite ships in competition with other pilots! More details on the tournament will be released in the coming weeks!

Table Top banner.png

Are you a fan of pen and paper RPGs? We are going to have a team of seasoned Game Masters running a variety of table top RPGs! With adventures of all sizes, you can choose your flavor of gaming! Prepare yourself for adventure at Tupelo Con!

Tupelo Game Days Banner.png

We are proud to announce that we are teaming up with Tupelo Game Days, who will have their collection of over 400 board games at Tupelo Con! Come with your friends or make some new ones over one of the great games that they provide for free!

Many more coming soon!