Full lineup of guests

Karan Ashley

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Karan Ashley has had a career as an actress, singer, TV host, radio show host, reality star, writer and TV and film producer. Karan Ashley is currently working on her web series Uncensored Talk and is pitching Grow Up Already, a sitcom she created.

She began her entertainment career as a child singer in the girl group KRUSH. They were signed to Perspective, A&M Records and had their first single, “Let’s Get Together” on the Mo Money soundtrack. They worked under the world famous Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. With the group they earned a platinum record and had a hit dance song, Let’s Get Together (So Groovy Now.)

After 5 years in KRUSH, her big break came when she went to an open call audition and beat out over 10 thousand hopefuls and landed the lead role of Aisha the Yellow Power Rangers on the #1 kids show in America, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. She was able to do over 80 episodes and star in the hit movie “Power Rangers the Movie” that was released by 20th Century Fox.

Not stopping there she has pound the pavement for years and has been on many different TV shows and films with lead or recurring characters in, Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, The Steve Harvey Show, One on One, The Parkers, Kenan & Kel, Chat Room, Taylor’s Wall, Wicked Weekend, Jazz Scene, The Encounter and many other projects. She has worked with many successful companies such as MTV, BET, ABC, Nickelodeon, Disney, The WB, 20th Century Fox, Asiatic Productions and formed her own production company Kash Pictures and Entertainment.

Facebook: @officialkaranashley
Instagram: @officialkaranashley
Twitter: @KaranAshley

Appearance Courtesy of Galactic Productions.

Josh Grelle

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Josh Grelle will be at Tupelo Con 2018! Josh is a life-long geek and actor with over 200 voice credits in his 10+ year career. His favorite roles include Attack on Titan (Armin), Yuri on Ice (Yuri Katsuki), Princess Jellyfish (Kuranosuke), The Devil is a Part-Timer (Sadao Maou), Drifters (Toyohisa), RWBY (Tyrian), Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple (Kenichi), and Snow White with the Red Hair (Zen). He has also lent his voice to many video game properties; Tales of Xillia 2 (Ludger), Dragonball Xenoverse (Demigra), and Freedom Planet 2 (Captain Kalaw) to name a few. When he isn’t behind the mic, Josh can usually be found writing scripts for the English adaptations of many FUNimation and BangZoom! Productions, such as Fairy Tail, Tokyo Ghoul, Overlord, and Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans. He is represented by the Mary Collins Agency.

Appearance Courtesy of http://www.galacticproductionsevents.com/

sam flegal

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Sam Flegal is an artist who delights in vibrant colors, exaggerated expressions and a need to tell stories. His clients include the History Channel’s True Monsters and “Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse” from Paramount pictures. He’s worked on numerous games including Warhammer 40K, Warhammer Fantasy, Legend of the Five Rings, and numerous roleplaying and board game projects. Sam’s preferred mediums are oil paint and ink.

Sam also has a deep love for Norse Mythology. In his personal work Sam depicts scenes from Norse Lore, a series he calls “Fateful Signs.” Recently Sam has had great success with "The Illustrated Hávamál," a 104-page book that explores the meaning behind an ancient collection of Norse wisdom through a series of meditative ink drawings. The book funded successfully on Kickstarter and continues to be a big seller.

Kylie syzmanski

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Kylie Szymanski landed her first acting role on AMC’s The Walking Dead playing Penny Blake, the Governor’s Daughter. The Atlanta, GA based actress appeared in three episodes of the show’s 3rd season before meeting her final demise at the hands of Michonne. Prior to her debut in The Walking Dead, Kylie participated in various Theatre productions in the Atlanta area, and currently is a high school student.

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Felix silla

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Felix was born in a small village outside Rome, Italy. Silla trained as a circus performer, came to the United States in 1955, and toured with the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. His multiple talents as a bareback rider, trapeze artist and tumbler brought him to Hollywood, where he became a stuntman, starting with the Gig Young-Shirley Jones vehicle, A Ticklish Affair. His best-known roles are Litvak, the maniacal, miniature Hitler who menaces George Segal in The Black Bird (his favorite role), and Cousin Itt on the long-running TV series, The Addams Family. He was also responsible for the physical performance of the robot Twiki in the TV series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, a role for which the voice was supplied by Mel Blanc or Bob Elyea. In part due to his short stature of 1.19 m (3 ft 11 in), he has doubled, often for children, in such movies as The Towering Inferno, The Hindenburg, and Battlestar Galactica. He also played an Ewok in Return of the Jedi!

Appearance Courtesy of www.GalacticProductionsEvents.com

Jason Narvy

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Jason Andrew Narvy is an accomplished film and stage actor from Los Angeles, CA. He is best known for his portal of the comic villain "Skull" from on Fox Television's Emmy-nominated Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and its spin-offs, Power Rangers Zeo, Power Rangers Turbo, and Power Rangers in Space, as well as the voice of Combat Chopper on the Sci-Fi Children's show Masked Rider. In recent years, he has become active on the stage across the country as an actor and director, earning a Master of Letters in Shakespearean Performance and a PhD in Theater Studies from the University of California. He is now based in Chicago where he is Assistant Professor and Artistic Director for the theatre program at Concordia University Chicago.

Appearance Courtesy of www.GalacticProductionsEvents.com


Special Guest banner.jpg

Tiffany Grant is excited to return to Tupelo!  Best known as Asuka in NEON GENESIS EVANGELION, Tiffany was the first anime voice actor hired in Texas [Feb. 1994].

She’s voiced characters in 1700+ TV episodes, OVAs & movies including AZUMANGA DAIOH (Kaorin), CHRONO CRUSADE (Satella), BLUE SEED (Kome), INFINITE STRATOS (Laura), FMP? FUMOFFU (Bonta-kun), GODANNAR (Shizuru), FULL METAL ALCHEMIST (Marta), MARIA HOLIC (Yonakuni), ONE PIECE (Nojiko), AMAGI BRILLIANT PARK (Moffle), AKAME GA KILL (Koro) and GIRLS UND PANZER (Sodoko).  Video game credits: UNLIMITED SAGA, DEUS EX II: INVISIBLE WAR.  Recent projects include SCHOOL-LIVE, USHIO & TORA and FLYING WITCH.

Ms. Grant has adapted English dubbing scripts for TV series such as HELLO KITTY'S ANIMATION THEATER, AH! MY GODDESS 2, THE WALLFLOWER, INFINITE STRATOS, TEARS TO TIARA, PARASYTE-THE-MAXIM and DEN-NOH COIL, as well as scripts for several subtitled projects including MIYUKI CHAN IN WONDERLAND and the live-action TOKYO - THE LAST MEGALOPOLIS.

Additionally, Tiffany contributed to the albums "Voices for Peace" and "Voices for Tolerance" www.voicesfor.org.  Profits benefit charities like Doctors Without Borders.  CDs and downloads: www.cdbaby.com & iTunes.

Non-anime work includes ARLINGTON ROAD (w/Jeff Bridges) and indie films LAUGHING BOY, DEAD OF KNIGHT & LARS THE EMO KID.  Tiffany has years of experience in theatre and commercials and a love for Hello Kitty!  For more, visit TiffanyGrant.net

Josh "TKO" Turner

Josh Turner Banner.jpg

Josh "TKO" Turner will be at Tupelo Con 2018! Josh is a Pro-Wrestler & Actor from Indiana. Josh trained at OVW when they were the WWE training center. Josh went on to have not only success in the ring, but outside of the ring as well. Josh is known for his work as "Tattooed Savior" from The Walking Dead, "Jeter Brother" from Under The Dome, "Jake The Truck Driver" from Banshee, "Jolenes Boyfriend" from Nashville. Josh has also had roles on The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, Leverage, Antman, and many other different network shows and films. Josh is also big in working with different charities such as Fighting For Autism, Pops For Patience, Julianana Barbara Foundation, and many more.

David fielding

David Fielding Banner.jpg

David Fielding will be at Tupelo Con! David J. Fielding is a writer and an actor. He originated the role of Zordon on the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers television series, and also provided voice talent for video games such as Empire Earth, Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna, Zeus, Poseidon, and Anvil of Dawn. His published works have appeared in Nevermet Press; Rebel ePublishers LLC, Source Point Press, the recently released Capes and Clockwork Anthology from Dark Oak Press and the upcoming Something Strange is Going On anthology from Flinch! Books.

Appearance Courtesy of

J.L Mulvihill

JL Mulvihill Banner.jpg

J.L Mulvihill will be at Tupelo Con 2018! J L Mulvihill’s debut novel, The Lost Daughter of Easa, is an engaging fantasy novel bordering on science-fiction with a dash of steampunk, published through Kerlak in 2011. The sequel, Return to Easa was released through Dark Oak Press October 2017 and boasts of demons and dragons as Elsie Lind’s adventure through Authora continues.

Her steampunk series Steel Roots with the first three books, The Boxcar Baby, Crossings, and Rails West, released through Seventh Star Press, has been another five star success. Steel Roots is a young adult series based in the Steampunk genre and engages the reader into a train hopping heart stopping adventure across a dystopian America.

Jen is the co-editor of the first Southern Haunts anthology published through Seventh Star Press and has short fiction pieces including a poem in all three Southern Haunts. She also has several short fiction pieces in the Dreams of Steam series published through Kerlak/Dark Oak Press. She is very active in the writing community, and belongs to SCBWI, MWG, as well as her local writers group, The Clinton Ink-Slingers.

Jen continues to write young adult, fantasy, steampunk, horror, thrillers, poetry and essays inspired by her life and the twisted world around her. Currently she is working with Eccentric Films on several projects including her own movie script, 7Cages.

You can find all her books and short stories at:

Dark Oak Press www.darkoakpress.com 
Seventh Star Press www.seventhstarpress.com

and at her websites:


no ordinary balloon man

Bruce Car Template.png

Bruce Carr aka No Ordinary Balloon Man is a professional balloon artist living in Kissimmee, FL serving the Central Florida area. He has had a lifelong love of all things in the realm of what he calls “nerd swag” and there is nothing that he enjoys more than making people smile. This professional balloon artist has made balloons since the age of twelve.
Bruce has entertained and built balloon creations for companies such as Belk, Dunkin Donuts, Dot Net Nuke, Charleston Town Center Mall and Chick-fil-a. Bruce is also a full-time balloon artists for a multitude of restaurants including Chili’s, Landry’s, Orlando Ale House, Joe’s Crab Shack and Giordano’s through the balloon art companies Twisted Artz, Sculpted Air LLC and the Orlando Party Store.
Bruce combines balloon art, acting, singing and puppetry to build beautiful lightweight costumes to delight attendees of any large event. Bruce has even won costume awards at the Florida Supercon, Holiday Matsuri, Omni Expo and Chibi Pa, becoming a fan favorite at many anime conventions.

Connect with Bruce:

Facebook - No Ordinary Balloon Man

Website - noordinaryballoonman.com

Lyn Gibson

Lyn Gibson.png

Lyn Gibson was raised among the moss-strewn oaks of the deep South where legend and lore are a part of everyday life. Intrigued by tales of the creatures which exists just beyond our grasp, she has developed a unique talent for weaving the most haunting facets of history into eerily twisted yet brilliantly sculpted, fictional storylines.
Lyn is recognized as an emerging horror author and a lively radio personality in Louisiana. She's the host of the "Twisted Southern Horror Queen" show, formerly of Armed Radio. She currently broadcasts on theEDGEradio.us, is a columnist in "Movie Lovers Unite" Magazine and can be seen in person while making appearances at horror cons and other public events across the Southern and Southeastern United States.



jeremy london

jeremy london canceled.png

 London portrays Griffin, Julia's trusting and independent ex-husband in PARTY OF FIVE, the critically acclaimed one-hour drama from Columbia TriStar Television for the Fox Broadcasting Company.

London grew up in Oklahoma and Texas and later moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career. Soon after, Jeremy began landing his share of film and television roles and has been acting ever since.

In addition to his role on Party of Five, London co-starred in the cable movie the Defenders, a remake of the classic television series for Showtime. He also stared in the motion picture-for-television My Sisters Keeper and has held starring roles in such additional series as I'll Fly Away and Angel Falls. His other television movies include A Lantern in Her Hand, The Lemon Grove, Seduction in Travis County and In Broad Daylight.

London's feature film credits include starring roles in Mallrats opposite Joey Lauren Adams, The Babysitter and Levitation.

Featured cosplay guests


Ashley Du

Ashley Du.jpg

Ashley Du, also known as Undeadu, is an International Cosplayer, Twitch Affiliate, Published Model and Special Effects Artist. She is also the Official Cosplay Variant Cover Artist for the Sheena Series and has been featured on Vampirella #3 and #6, KISS/Vampirella #3,#4,#5 and Red Sonja #1 and #17(Dynamite Comics). 

She has always loved gaming, comics and anime. It was this love that lead her to discovering cosplay at her first con. Right there and then that she fell in love with cosplaying and the cosplay community. After a few years of closet cosplays, she started plucking up the courage to begin making her own costumes. She discovered that it was an incredible creative outlet. Ashley has since been pushing the boundaries to what she can make. She loves to sew, build armour with craft foam or Worbla, make silicone suits or prosthetics, learn make up techniques and play with body paints. 

Since she is mostly self-taught, learning mainly from YouTube videos and asking questions at cons, she has started streaming her crafting process on Twitch. This is her love-letter to the craft and her way to give back to the crafting community - sometimes she streams Pokemon TCG Online and unboxings (Magic the Gathering, Pokemon and 1Up Box) too!

She loves meeting people at cons and chatting about all things Magic the Gathering, Pokemon TCG, comics, anime, crafting, gaming, crafting and scifi so come by and say hi! 

Some of her recent published works include: 

Miss May 2016 and Miss February 2017 for Level40Two

The cover and featured cosplayer of Cos Culture Magazine (October / November) 2016.

Cosplay Variant Cover for Red Sonja #1 and #17

Cosplay Variant Covers for Vampirella #3 and 6

Cosplay Variant Covers for KISS/Vampirella #3,4,5

Cosplay Variant Covers for Sheena #1-9

Ada Grey

Website Image.jpg

Ada Gray is an award winning cosplayer and steampunk of 7 years from the South Mississippi area, self taught seamstress, and founding member of the steampunk crew Airship 67. She has been featured in articles by Fashionably Geek and Movie Pilot.

You can find Ada on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/AdaGrayCosplays/

Kelli Smith

Kelli Smith Cosplay Tag.jpg

Kelli Smith is an award-winning costumer, cosplay guest, panellist, performer, artistic model, and artist based out of Memphis, TN. She has been an entertainer and master crafter for 10+ years and has been featured as a guest cosplayer at over 30 conventions across the United States and interviewed internationally.

Check out her website: www.anomalycosplay.com
You can also find her on instagram: www.instagram.com/sailorrabbit

The Ministry of silly suits

Ministry Banner.png

Founded in 2008, Ministry of Silly Suits Cosplay is a cosplay group from Mississippi. They are comprised of tailors, prop makers, and wig stylists. Most of their members have been cosplaying and going to conventions since 2004. In addition to having won awards at multiple conventions across the Southeast, they have also been invited as guests, held panels, and even hosted events.

Cosplay inc

Web Cosplay Inc.jpg

Cosplay Inc. returns to Tupelo Con with their astounding cosplay and replica vehicles! They are known for offering a fully immersive experience to guests, allowing you to take photos with characters and vehicles from Jurassic Park, Evil Dead, Inspector Gadget, Tomb Raider, Tangled and Fallout! They also sell replicas and art based on sources such as Fallout 4!

This year Cosplay Inc will have two amazing vehicles they will be bringing to Tupelo Con. The Jurassic Park replica jeep will be returning! And for all of you Evil Dead fans, they will be bringing a replica of Ash's iconic Oldsmobile.

Mandalorian mercs

Special Guest.png

Veshok Clan represents Mississippi and Louisiana in the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club. The Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club is the world's premier custom Mandalorian costume organization. With 35 chapters in 7 countries around the world, members of Mercs take part in a wide range of activities, including local and international conventions, charity events, and fan gatherings.

Cami Roebuck

Cami Banner cancel.jpg

Cami Roebuck, formerly known as MoodHairCosplays and now appearing as Cami Roebuck Creative, is an award-winning cosplayer, crafter, and all-around geek hailing from the southeastern part of the United States.

Cami dove into the wonderful world of conventions and cosplay at the ripe age of 7, when she attended her first con. Upon donning her first formal cosplay, she fell in love with the amazing community of costumed cool kids and decided she never wanted to leave. Throughout her cosplay and crafting career, Cami has been featured in numerous publications such as Marvel's Costober Fest, MTV's Dragon*Con Coverage, Wizard World Magazine, Cosplay Culture Magazine and many more. She has also been recognized with awards for her costuming, including Best Comic Book at Dragon*Con, first runner-up in Pensacon's inaugural costume contest, 3rd place in the legendary tier at the Smite World Championship and HiRez Expo, and more!

Cami has been cosplaying for 13 years and counting, but it's been within the past 6 years that she's been building her brand and making her place in the world of geekery. She has formed her own modeling and crafting business with the help of her ever-supportive family, who have joined her as members of the creative team. They also run another business featuring handmade, geek-themed items, which is called The MHC Workshop.

Local Guests

Jeff Jones

Jeff Jones Local Guest.jpg

Jeff Jones has come to local fame through his love for food. He feels that eating out is not just about experiencing new flavors. It’s also about feeding our senses. To be totally immersed in the moment. Through newspaper articles, magazines, and social media, he features special events, new restaurants, local favorites and their famous food! Find my blog "Eating Out With Jeff Jones" on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to discover what you've been missing!

You can find Jeff several places


Bearded Villains

Special Guest.png

Bearded Villains North Mississippi was established as an official chapter in January of 2016. This brotherhood of local North MS brothers has founded itself on family and charity as its cornerstones. They are an active chapter of brothers who have made a point to focus on supporting charities that they see make an impact on our north MS community. Autism is something they all feel passionately about. That is why Reconnect 4 Autism was one of the first charities they partnered with and continue to support. On FB and IG: @beardedvillainsnorthms

bradley golden

Bradley Golden.jpg

Bradley Golden is returning to Tupelo Con! Bradley is a local and upcoming comic artist/writer. He has had multiple successfully funded Kickstarters that have helped him launch his own company: Second Sight Studios. Bradley has worked on many types of comics with an emphasis on horror! Check out his work including titles such as Leave on the Lights, Orision, and Victoria Black.