KIDS cosplay contest

Kids Cosplay Contest Image.png

The Jr. Cosplay Contest is open to tiny humans aged 0-11 years old.  It will be held at 4pm on Saturday, May 4 2019 on the kids area stage.


  • Rebels (0-4 yrs)

  • Padawan (5-8 yrs)

  • Jedi Master (9-11 yrs)


  • Best Rebel

  • Best Padawan

  • Best Jedi Master

  • Judges Choice x 3

  • Best Overall Jr. Division

Registration & Information:

  • Registration will be Saturday, May 4, 2019. Jr cosplay contestants may register in the cosplay area between 10am and noon, or in the kid’s area between 10am and 3pm. Twenty contestant slots are available and will be assigned on a first come first served basis.

  • The contest begins at 4pm on Saturday, May 4, 2019.  Contestants must be at the kids stage area 20 min before the contest begins.

  • Each contestant will have up to 1 min to showcase his/her costume on stage.

  • All cosplays will have a final presentation with all contestants on stage together for awards to be presented.

  • Best of each category, judges choice awards, and best overall winners will be presented on the main stage for the Craftsmanship Cosplay Contest (same day) at 6pm.

  • All costumes and props must follow TupeloCon’s official rules and weapons policy.

Cosplay Weapons Policy:

Prop weapons must be checked at the weapons table in the lobby before entry into TupeloCon.  There, it will either be cleared as safe or peace bonded. Cosplay contest contestants may have the peace bond removed once everyone is lined up to walk across the stage for the cosplay contest.  Contestants may draw their prop weapon and use it to strike a pose, however, for safety purposes, they may not swing or simulate weapon use on stage. Previously peace bonded weapons will be rebonded as they leave the stage.